Ag Water Conservation Policy Archive

Pricing China’s irrigation water.

Many development agencies and other actors are advocating that China adopt a system of water markets or of high water prices in order to resolve the inefficiencies of irrigation agriculture and to supply sufficient water for growing urban and industrial uses. We argue that this proposal rests on ... Read More

Evaluating water conservation strategies and policies.

The four papers presented at this invited session examine various ways that economic analysis can be used to examine issues of water conservation strategies and policies. Three of the four are focused on water issues in Texas, and one examines a private insurance contract scheme for irrigation sc... Read More

Evaluation of water management scenarios for the Rio Grande/Bravo.

Due to the scarcity of the water resources in the Rio Grande/Bravo basin, alternative water management policies or "Scenarios" have been evaluated to determine their hydrologic feasibility and the individual or joint benefits to water users in the basin. The policies evaluated are proposals of st... Read More