Ag Water Conservation Policy Archive

Basin impacts of irrigation water conservation policy

Climate change, uncertain future water supplies, growing population, and increased water demands continue to raise the importance of finding cost-effective water conservation measures. Irrigated agriculture is the world's largest water user, so governments, donor organizations, water supp... Read More

Urban-agricultural water appropriation: the Hyderabad, India case.

With the urbanisation drive comes steady growth in urban water demand. Although in the past this new demand could often be met by tapping unclaimed water sources, this option is increasingly untenable in many regions where little if any unclaimed water remains. The result is that urban water capt... Read More

Sustainably managing water: challenges and responses

To better conserve, protect, and ensure affordable access to water requires proper pricing, integration of environmental concerns into agriculture policy, better information, awareness and education, increased financing for investment and improved governance. The article summarizes policy... Read More