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Environmental water incentive policy and return flows

With increasing urban, industrial, and agricultural water demand and projected reduced supply under climate change, allocations to the environment are critically low in many arid and semiarid basins. Consequently, many governments are striving to augment environmental flows, often through... Read More

Effects of agricultural activities in Seyfe Wetland

Seyfe Lake is one of the most important wetlands of Turkey and it is classified among ``first-class wetland areas{''} according to international criteria. The protection of the lake is assured at an international level after its inclusion in the Ramsar Agreement in 1994. Because of wrong ... Read More

Urban-agricultural water appropriation: the Hyderabad, India case

With the urbanisation drive comes steady growth in urban water demand. Although in the past this new demand could often be met by tapping unclaimed water sources, this option is increasingly untenable in many regions where little if any unclaimed water remains. The result is that urban wa... Read More