Ag Water Recovery and Recycling Archive

Closing the Water Demand-Supply Gap in Arizona

There is an acknowledged gap between future water demand and supply available in Arizona. In some parts of Arizona, the gap exists today, where water users have been living on groundwater for a while, often depleting what can be thought of as their water savings account. In other places, active w... Read More

Water saving in rice-wheat systems

Water shortage is a major constraint to sustaining and increasing the productivity of rice-wheat systems. Saving water can be elusive in that reducing seepage, percolation and runoff losses from fields does not necessarily save water if it can be recaptured at some other temporal or s... Read More

Drainage water management impact on farm profitability

Federal conservation programs included in various farm bills with regard to controlled drainage establish the context for further actions to reduce nutrient pollution in the Gulf of Mexico. This study calibrates the financial incentives presented to farmers regarding the adoption of controlled dr... Read More

Effects of Policies Governing Water Reuse on Agricultural Crops

The state of New Mexico is located in the Chihuahuan Desert, an environment characterized by high aridity and a very limited water supply. New Mexico’s water is supplied by both rivers and underground aquifers with the Rio Grande serving as the
principle source of surface water throughout... Read More