Crop Water Use Archive

Development of Irrigation Scheduling at the Whole Farm Level

The average cotton farmer in the Mid-South works with large numbers of fields. Different crops, soil types, and planting times complicate irrigation scheduling at the whole farm level. This is probably the main reason why many farmers still do not use the irrigation scheduling tools. Results of i... Read More

Real-Time Optimization for Smart Automation of Surface Irrigation

A system for the real-time optimization of furrow irrigation is described. The system estimates the soil infiltration characteristics in real-time and utilizes the data to control
the same irrigation event to give optimum performance for the current soil conditions. The main features of the... Read More

Irrigating Alfalfa with Limited Water Supplies

The evapotranspiration (ET) of fully-irrigated alfalfa ranges from 31.9 inches in northern California to 65.2 inches in the low desert areas of southern California. During low water years, however, ET may be reduced by limited amounts of applied water.

... Read More