Drought Archive

Conserving and optimizing limited water for crop production

Proper soil and crop management systems are critical for sustainable production in semiarid environments, and there are principles that apply to both dryland (non-irrigated) and limited-irrigation systems. In the non-irrigated environment, crop residue from no-till systems permits more diverse cr... Read More

Rethinking Vulnerability on the Colorado River

On the Colorado River (as elsewhere), severe drought is useful for illuminating sources of water supply vulnerability, focusing attention on deficiencies in water allocation and management. A major drought study in the early 1990s, and experience with real drought a decade later, both have been u... Read More

Assessment of Irrigation Water Allocation Based on Optimization and Equitable Water Reduction Approaches to Reduce Agricultural Drought Losses: The 1999 Drought in the Zayandeh Rud Irrigation System (IRAN)

Drought is common to Iran and the agricultural sector is its main victim. Reducing demand for irrigation water is considered the best management practice to alleviate losses. An equitable water reduction approach has been traditionally applied in the management of irrigation systems. This researc... Read More

Technology Approaches to Drought Tolerance at Pioneer

Research focused on the improvement of drought tolerance in crop plants has received increased attention in the past ten years. The development of drought-tolerance technology is one of the most important initiatives for the seed industry in this decade. Increasing worldwide demands for food and... Read More