Drought Archive

Evaluation of Drought-Tolerance Strategies in Cotton

Research made possible through the use of the wealth of genomic information and genetic resources available for model plant species such as Arabidopis thaliana has led to substantial increase in our knowledge about how plants respond to stressful environmental conditions.

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The Role of Conservation Programs in Drought Risk Adaptation

This report evaluates the extent to which farms facing higher levels of drought risk are more likely to participate in conservation programs, and finds a strong link between drought risk and program participation. Prior research has shown that climate-related risk exposure influences production d... Read More

Variation for drought tolerance in hill rice genotypes.

Twenty five hill rice genotypes were evaluated for their relative drought tolerance underwater stress (E1) and irrigated (E2) environments. All the characters studied were significantly affected by water stress. The grain yield m-2 ranged from 208 g to 69

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