Irrigation Water Conveyance and Delivery Archive

Cost Effective Irrigation Modernization: Nepal’s Experiences

With rising cropping intensity and more and more adaptation of high yielding varieties, the level of irrigation service demanded by farmers is on the rise. This coupled with greater fluctuations in supply sources due to issues like climate change has been making the task of the irrigation water s... Read More

Villains or Heroes? Farmers’ Adjustments to Water Scarcity

Although farmers are often seen as wasting water and getting a disproportionate share of water, irrigation is losing out in the competition for water with other sectors. In cases of drought, water restrictions are overwhelmingly imposed on irrigation while other activities and domestic supply are... Read More

Considering Canal Pool Resonance in Controller Design

The Integrator-Delay (ID) model (Schuurmans et al 1999) is a simple model of canal response that is used for design of various canal controllers. It describes the change in water depth at the downstream end of a canal pool as a function of flow changes at the upstream and downstream gates. Canal ... Read More

Synthetic Canal Lining Evaluation Project

Irrigation districts in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas have been experimenting with an assortment of synthetic canal lining materials, looking for more cost-effective methods for rehabilitating old, deteriorating canals. The synthetic canal lining materials
are showing promise, but li... Read More

Bore Wells—A Boon for Tail End Users

The efficiency of an irrigation engineer can be well judged from the canal water available at tail ends of the canals under his control. But often he finds it difficult to maintain authorised share of water at tails. In India position is particularly precarious during rice sowing period, which is... Read More