Water Supply, Sources and Agricultural Use Archive

Closing the Water Demand-Supply Gap in Arizona

There is an acknowledged gap between future water demand and supply available in Arizona. In some parts of Arizona, the gap exists today, where water users have been living on groundwater for a while, often depleting what can be thought of as their water savings account. In other places, active w... Read More

Economic Analysis of the 2015 Drought For California Agriculture

California is in a fourth year of drought – with the last two years being among the driest and warmest individual years on record – raising concerns at all levels, especially in agriculture. Many water districts are intensively using carryover surface and groundwater reserves to ease surface ... Read More

Conservation-Practice Adoption Rates Vary Widely by Crop and Region

This research analyzes national and regional adoption of no-till and strip-till planting systems; cover-crop use; and nitrogen-fertilizer application rates, timing, and methods. Results show that U.S. farmers' adoption of these practices varies widely by crop and region. In addition many farmers ... Read More

Managing Agriculture and Water Scarcity in Colorado (and Beyond)

Growing demands from Colorado's many water users threaten to reduce irrigated farming and ranching in coming decades. In the face of water scarcity Colorado growers are adapting their farming practices to use less water. Read about those challenges and ways in which water manager, agricultural pr... Read More