Water Supply, Sources and Agricultural Use Archive

Sagebrush Rangelands Help Maintain Water Availability

Removing encroaching conifer stands from sagebrush ecosystems can increase late season water retention in western rangelands by holding snow longer in the spring. Researchers with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service analyzed snow and streamflow data from a snow-do... Read More

Colorado River Basin Environmental Water Transfers Scorecard

The voluntary transfer of water rights (or portions of water rights) to environmental uses (including streamflows, wetlands, and aquatic species) has proven to be an effective means of restoring aquatic species and ecosystems in some western states. While these environmental water transfers are b... Read More

Agriculture in America Sustainability

USFRA’s Agriculture in America Sustainability Report demonstrates how farmers and ranchers are seeking and implementing practices that allow them to better protect the planet’s resources while efficiently producing food.

... Read More