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Letters of Intent are due Nov 23rd, 2020

Watch: Presentation on IIC’s 2021 RFP

IIC Seminar: Evaluation of AlternativeTesting Protocols for Smart Irrigation Controllers

Additional non-federal contributions of funding, equipment, expertise, and other resources provided by IIC members more than doubled FFAR’s investment.

New Projects Funded in 2020

  • Advancing Development of the Parallel 41 Flux Network for Real-Time Evapotranspiration Monitoring (Principal Investigator: Christopher Neale, University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
  • Deployment and Maintenance of Flux Towers in Kansas to be Integrated to the Parallel 41 Flux Networks to Support Multi-State Real-Time Evapotranspiration Estimates (Principal Investigator: Eduardo Santos, Kansas State University)
  • Optimizing Irrigation of Turfgrass Using Sensors, IOT, Lora Technology and Artificial Intelligence (Principal Investigator: Jay Ham, Colorado State University)
  • Toward pivot automation with proximal sensing for Maize and Soybean in the Great Plains (Principal Investigator: Derek Heeren, University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
  • A Remote Sensing Approach to Identify Critical Areas in California Orchards for Improving Irrigation Water Management through Precision Agriculture Technology (Principal Investigator Dilruba Yeasmin, University of California-Fresno)
  • An Economic Impact Study of the Irrigation Industry (Principal Investigator: John Farner, Irrigation Association)
  • Connecting field scale performance to watershed health: the added power of sharing data/Calculating producer water use in real time (Principal Investigator: Dayle McDermitt, Nebraska Water Balance Alliance)

New corn sprouting at the IIC Headquarters in Fort Collins, CO
June, 2020

The performance of landscape controllers are evaluated under identical weather inputs.


Innovations in Irrigation November 12, 10-11:30 a.m. CST

This session will provide an introduction of the IIC from its executive director, followed by an overview of projects from several IIC partners that demonstrate the diversity and range of collaborative research supported by IIC with funding from the Foundation for Food and Agriculture (FFAR). A panel discussion with the panelists will follow.


IIC Seminar Evaluation of Smart Irrigation Controllers November 10, 1 pm MT

Irrigation control technologies can significantly reduce waste by applying water only when plants need it. Mark Crookston and Brent Mecham propose a testing protocol on top of the current EPA WaterSense label, which evaluates a controller’s capability to maximize the benefit of rainfall and irrigation frequency while considering the criteria of irrigation adequacy and excess water application over 90 days. Learn what they discovered by joining our conversation.


2020 Water for Food Global Webinar Series Advancements in Agricultural Water Management and Regulation: Lessons and Opportunities October 29, 10-11 a.m. CDT

Water, and specifically, water quality, has a direct impact on public health. In the next session of our Water for Food Global Webinar Series, we will examine the environmental and man-made challenges to water quality and how we can find solutions to ensure healthy water for our personal needs, agriculture and the environment.


Irrigation 20/20 October 30 12-1:30 ET

Irrigation 20/20 is a FREE special feature to be hosted by the Irrigation Association offering a more intimate venue with insights from some of the industry’s most knowledgeable figures. These discussions will focus on the challenges and opportunities within the IA and the future of the irrigation industry in a post-COVID-19 world.



Meet IIC Executive Director, Tim Martin
The IIC is proud to introduce Executive Director Tim Martin.


Submissions for the 2021 Excellence in Irrigation Awards are now Being Accepted!

Excellence in Irrigation Honor and Merit Award winners are selected based on the quality of project planning,  design functionalism, environmental responsibility, and relevance. The projects are independently judged by a jury of knowledgeable and nationally recognized members of academia, irrigation consultants, industry members or public agency officials, who are looking for evidence of unique problem solving;  forward-thinking water resource management solutions and clarity in presentation. Entry categories include Commercial/Public Works; Parks and Recreational Fields; Golf; Residential; Water Management/Planning and Analysis; Research. Members and non-members may submit their entry for consideration.


IA announces Industry Insights webinar series

The Irrigation Association is excited to announce the start of its Industry Insights webinar series beginning in October and extending through April 2021. Industry Insights will feature two different webinar series: one focused on agriculture irrigation and the other focused on landscape irrigation and lighting.



Transformational Irrigation Technologies for 2020
Presented by Aric Olson, President of Jain Irrigation this webinar training provides a framework for where technologies have come from and how they can be applied to other market segments.


Farmer Led Irrigation Seminar
Organized by the Water for Food Daugherty Global  Institute, this 2-part webinar focuses on accelerating inclusive farmer-led irrigation development: a sustainable approach to reaching scale.
Part 1
Part 2


Irrigation Glossary
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