Irrigation Accounts For 2
Food And Fiber 2
Meanwhile, global demand for water, energy, and food production is rapidly increasing.
The Irrigation Innovation Consortium (IIC) serves farmers, landowners and landscape managers, irrigation industry stakeholders, and communities- all of which all have vested interests related to water availability and quality, water and energy use efficiency, and irrigation management.
IIC supports research and training to develop tools and best management practices to make irrigation systems easier to use and more water and energy efficient.
IIC Research Stations

IIC is generously supported by a $5M grant from FFAR, which recognized the power and synergistic potential of aligning universities, the private sector, and federal research groups to address critical water and energy related issues  faced by agriculture, municipalities, and the private sector. IIC research and other activities match FFAR funding 1:1 with support from non-federal sources to improve water and energy use and management in irrigated systems.

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