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The Irrigation Innovation Consortium (IIC) is a joint initiative between private, public, and university organizations, addressing growing water scarcity in the western U.S. and worldwide. The Consortium will be an internationally recognized center of excellence in irrigation automation, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), data management and decision support, modernization, and management to enhance energy and water use efficiency in irrigated food systems and amenity landscapes across the globe. This partnership strategically capitalizes on existing strengths to develop powerful synergies between the universities, USDA-ARS, the Irrigation Association, the Irrigation Foundation, the Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research (FFAR), and numerous irrigation equipment manufacturers with opportunities for joint collaborations in demonstrations, technology transfer, tailored workshops, certifications, and student training.

Project Goals

  • SERVE as a nucleus for irrigation innovation and technology adoption across the U.S. and internationally
  • ACCELERATE the development and adoption of water and energy efficient irrigation technologies and practices
  • DEVELOP new synergies via collaborative public-private partnerships to create water productivity innovation in agriculture and the irrigated landscape
  • PROVIDE technical expertise regarding irrigation innovation and technology
  • CIRCULATE materials on the advancement of new technologies and management approaches for irrigated landscapes

Research and Demonstration Themes

  • Water and Energy Efficiency
  • Remote Sensing and Big Data Applications for Improving Irrigation Water Management
  • System Integration and Management
  • Irrigation Technology Acceleration and Technology Transfer

How to Join

The IIC is currently recruiting industry organizations to join the consortium. For information on joining, please contact Stephen Smith, industry relations for the Irrigation Innovation Consortium and FFAR advisory council member.